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Contattaci Ora   Telefono (+44) 020 8629 1772 

ecommerce software

Blue Lemon has internally developed its own ecommerce software to guarantee the maximum smoothness and reliability:

Blue CMS

A CMS made for both service industry and ecommerce that comes with great features and benefits:

Zero addons, extensions and third party software: maximum reliability and security.
Optimised for speed and mobile: super fast to load even with low reception mobile phones.
Compatible with older technology: Our sites are usable on the majority of browsers and devices, even old ones which are still in use in low income areas and developing countries.

Blue Secure Checkout

A secure checkout platform that allows to increase conversions and sales with features that most common checkouts don’t have:

Fast to load from low connections and old devices
Fast to load from low connections and old devices
Maximum flexibility in terms of delivery options and payment options

Blue backend

An ecommerce backend to easily process orders and analyse sales data with great features:

Easy to process orders from multiple websites
Allows multi party access remotely and securely
Scores the quality of the customer in order to prevent fraud


A special set of pages optimised for Pay Per click advertising to sell services in multiple locations.