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Contattaci Ora   Telefono (+44) 020 8629 1772 

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Blue lemon was created to provide better solutions to the everyday problems of Service providers and ecommerce. We work with our own developed technology in order increase efficiency to a level never seen in small businesses.

Along the years at Blue Lemon we have developed 3 divisions that work toghether to bring great results

Service industy marketing

The company provides marketing services and advice for the service industry optimising the entire customer acquisition funnel.

Food supplements production and direct sale

Our food supplements are made in the UK and sold directly to the final user through our modern ecommerce platforms. As we develop the products internally we deliberately limit the prodct range in order to guarantee the quality of the product and maxmum satisfaction.

eCommerce software

Blue Lemon has developed powerful ecommerce software which bring great benefits at a lower cost than traditional small business standard solutions